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Tank Decommissioning

Tank Decommissioning

An ever-growing problem in the fuel industry is the management of fuel to ground contamination due to tank failure. Managing this problem above ground can be difficult enough but when you are dealing with underground tanks the problem is not always an easy fix.


We at Lennon Engineering are here to help when it comes time to upgrade or respond to an already existing issue.

We will work with the customer to assess the issue and provide a workable solution to decommission your underground tanks. Depending on the where the tank is you do have the option to either leave it in place or remove it. Lennon Engineering can assist with making that decision ensuring the option is compliant and meets with state, environmental and local council regulations.

Some of services include;

  • Tank Integrity Testing

  • Filling in underground tanks to leave in position due to proximity to buildings etc

  • Fuel tank Decontamination

  • Fuel tank removal

  • Civil engineering works

  • Removal and disposal of contaminated soil

  • Removal of structures, piping and pumping equipment



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