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Lennon Engineering and Construction has continued to develop in customer service, experience and integrity through nearly 23 years of activities. Its employees, customers and suppliers have grown with the company’s development. Effective professional relationships have been built between all stakeholders.

Company History

Lennon Engineering and Construction Pty Ltd was established in 1989 and are wholly Australian owned and operated. The Company has a combined field experience of 35 years in the Petro-Chemical Industry. Currently the company employs four qualified tradesmen and pressure welders. Work activities include the construction of Aviation Facilities, Pressure Vessels, Refinery Pipe Work, Installations and Procedures.

Values and Philosophy

Lennon Engineering & Construction Pty Ltd has a commitment to foster and promote innovation in Aviation refueling systems. Our aim is to ensure that this commitment is shaped by our focus on the end user.
We achieve this through:
  • excellence in service innovation
  • excellence in product innovation
  • excellence in process innovation
  • excellence in management innovation
We value continuous learning, collaboration, cooperation and teamwork. We ensure that our working environment is inclusive, accessible and adds value to each individual.
114 Links Ave South,
Eagle Farm, QLD 4009
Phone:   07 3216 4166
Fax:      07 3216 4244

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